Using the Video Links

Videos are provided for the ease of individuals who would prefer complex questions to be interpreted into Sign Language. If opening the video on a laptop or desktop, please use the back button to return to the survey and your answers should be saved or right click and select the "open in new tab" option and then return to the survey tab. If taking the survey on the phone, please allow the video to open into the YouTube app or into a separate internet tab. Please do not exit out of the survey until submitted.


By proceeding with this survey, you consent to having your answers anonymously recorded.

Are you at least 18 or older?

You are entitled to skip any question that you do not want to answer. 


What is your Gender?

What is your Level of Education? 

I am (Pick the best phrase that applies)

Do you identify as a member of the Deaf Community (Share in its language and culture)?

Voter Turnout

Did you vote in the November 3rd 2020 Election?

Who did you vote for?

What Party are you affiliated with?

(Those that do vote) What issues do you encounter while voting?

(Those that do not vote) What issues do you perceive when you think of voting?

How do you vote?


On a scale of 1-10 with one (1) being complete disagreement and ten (10) being complete agreement:

I believe the Government cares for me and what I believe.



My voice is heard when I vote.



What I have to say is valuable and worthy of being listened to.



The Government seeks to do what is best for my community.



I feel there is representation of my community and/or culture in the Government.



Did potential representation of your community impact your voting decision?

Did you use the interpreted videos?

Thank you for your participation. We appreciate it.

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